Considering the Social Dimensions of Sustainability during the Construction Project Design

  • The objective of this module is to help students consider the social dimensions of sustainability during construction project design. Students will become familiar with four specific social dimensions of sustainability: Corporate Social Responsibility, Safety through Design, Social Design, and Community Involvement. The module includes a brief presentation by the instructor, explaining this topics relevance to students and their future careers. Then, students will review one of the four dimensions in detail so that they can teach one another about all four dimensions. To facilitate analysis of the topics by the entire class, a discussion session led by the instructor will follow with the students responsible for sharing what they have learned from the short presentations by their peers. After this discussion, the instructor will summarize the key learning points and the students will have time to reflect individually and revise their notes during the class period.
  • Rodolfo Valdes-Vasquez
  • Leidy Klotz
Learning Resource Type:
  • Community – General
  • Design
  • College Senior – Continuing Education
Media Type:
  • Document
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Safety Through Design
  • Community Involvement
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Social Sustainability
  • Social Design
Related ABET Criteria:
  • Design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data
Publication Date:
  • May 2010