Sustainable Construction Benchmarking: Guidelines and Protocols for Undergraduate Internships

  • This module presents a series of five protocols for sustainable construction best practice benchmarking to be used as part of a summer construction internship at the undergraduate or graduate levels. The protocols provide a structure for interns to collect data about the innovativeness and sustainability practices of the companies for which they work. Collected data is reported back by the students as assignment submittals for credit, and can be used by instructors to compile a benchmarking study of the current state of practice for the companies that employ interns. Resources provided to students include links to self-study materials to learn more about sustainable construction, as well as a basic introduction to corporate innovation and sustainability. Each protocol includes detailed instructions for students on how to undertake data collection in a corporate environment and organize data in a way that is useful for researchers. The Instructor’s Guide provides additional background information on the overall protocol design, along with suggestions and lessons learned from implementation as part of a pilot program at one university with 39 students.
  • Annie Pearce
  • Christine Fiori
Learning Resource Type:
  • Reference – Article/Document
  • Design
  • College Freshman – College Senior
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  • Document
  • Internships
  • Construction
  • Sustainability Best Practices
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  • Use modern engineering tools in engineering practice
Publication Date:
  • March 2009