Wind and Photovoltaic Solar Electricity Generation

  • This module presents an introduction to electricity generation in the United States and the role of renewable energy in the current mix of generation technologies. The module then examines the potential for wind and photovoltaic solar energy to produce electricity by examining a specific case of producing 1000 megawatts of electricity in St. Louis, Missouri. The principles of energy and mass conservation are evaluated as they apply to wind and photovoltaic solar generation. A sample course project is included that further connects renewable energy generation with associated carbon emissions and costs. The objective of the course project is to design an energy generation strategy to reduce carbon emissions associated with a university's electricity use by a combination of wind, photovoltaic solar, and conservation.
  • Daniel Giammar
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  • Community – General
  • Engineering – Bioengineering and Biomedical
  • College Freshman – College Senior
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  • Document
  • Renewable Energy
  • Electricity
  • Wind Energy
  • Photovoltaic
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Publication Date:
  • February 2010