Benchmarking Sustainable Engineering Education: Final Report and Appendixes

  • Results of an assessment of educational programs and materials in Sustainable Engineering around the country/ "The primary objectives of this project were to: (1) identify accredited engineering programs at US institutions that incorporate sustainability concepts into engineering curricula and within these programs characterize the design decision levels being employed and the degree to which information and concepts from non-engineering disciplines are being employed; (2) identify faculty who incorporate sustainability concepts into their research and other activities; (3) map results into a sustainability matrix that captures system complexity and size and the degree to which data and concepts from non-engineering disciplines are being employed; (4) identify best practices for sustainability engineering and leading contributors to sustainability engineering education; and (5) develop a preliminary roadmap with a protocol for a more formal roadmap that will define a path for achieving excellence in sustainability engineering education in the United States."
  • David Allen
  • Braden Allenby
  • Michael Bridges
  • John Crittenden
  • Cliff Davidson
  • Chris Hendrickson
  • Scott Matthews
  • Cynthia Murphy
  • David Pijawka
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  • December 2008