Biomimicry: Using Nature as a Design Inspiration

  • With sustainability having a profound influence on engineering education today, it is essential that key concepts such as systems thinking and biomimicry are properly taught within the classroom. Although each instructor presents a different topic, delivery method, and teaching style, the intention of this module is to describe an effective teaching method that introduces biomimicry to a collegiate level audience in a sustainable engineering course. The objective of this module is to help students add this concept of using nature as a design model to their problem-solving approach. In this module, students will become familiar with using nature as a design model, measure, and mentor. Also, students will be introduced to a valuable approach on how to apply biomimicry to engineering design. After this module, students will be able to: define biomimicry as it relates to sustainable engineering, practice applying biomimicry to real world engineering problems to arrive at sustainable design solutions, explain biomimicry to a variety of audiences in a clear and concise manner, and assess lifelong problems using a biomimetic mindset.
  • Corey Cattano
  • Leidy Klotz
Learning Resource Type:
  • Reference – Data Set
  • Engineering – Ceramic
  • College Senior – Graduate
Media Type:
  • Document
  • Biomimetic
  • Biomimicry
  • Engineering Design
  • Nature
Related ABET Criteria:
  • Apply mathematics, science, and engineering
Publication Date:
  • July 2011