Teaching Sustainability within the Context of Introduction to Environmental Engineering

  • This module consists of 110 powerpoint slides in the areas of energy, air quality, green buildings, and solid waste. The objective of the module is to provide information on the concept of sustainability in the context of this course, which is one of the most chosen electives among Civil and Environmental Engineering students. It is the last environmental course taken by CEE majors in other Civil Engineering subjects, such as structures, construction, transportation and geotechnical engineering, and is the first environmental course for CEE students majoring in Environmental Engineering.
  • Mingming Lu
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  • Reference – Data Set
  • Engineering – Bioengineering and Biomedical
  • College Sophomore – College Senior
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  • Document
  • Alternative Energy
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Green Engineering
  • Sustainability
  • E-waste
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Publication Date:
  • December 2009