4E Sustainability Analysis for a Senior Level Design Course

  • This module introduces students to multidisciplinary approaches to sustainability and guides students to analyze sustainability issues related to an engineering design project. 4E Sustainability Analysis refers to analysis based on Environmental, Energy, Economic, and social and political Equity considerations. The module uses lecture material and a written homework assignment and an accompanying assessment rubric. The lecture material briefly introduces sustainability topics relating to ecosystems services, multidisciplinary approaches to sustainability, and green engineering. The crucial homework assignment exercises sustainability analysis skills by having students explain how their project directly and indirectly fosters or prevents sustainability.
  • David Braun
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  • Reference – Educational Research Paper
  • Engineering – Ceramic
  • College Senior – College Senior
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  • Document
  • Green Engineering Principles
  • Systems Engineering
  • Technology Social Factors
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Publication Date:
  • January 2012