Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Goods and Services with the Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment Model

  • This module is intended to introduce the use of the economic input-output life cycle assessment model. We have used this module in a half semester course on life cycle assessment for senior undergraduates and first year graduate students from a variety of disciplines. We have also used portions of the material in this module for professional audiences and for high school students. The material can be shortened or expanded as needed. The module consists of the main document plus supplemental materials, some of which are attached as separate documents. The main document includes: 1. Description, Objectives and Literature for the half semester course (page 2). 2. Schedule for the half semester course. This module consists of classes 6-10 listed on the schedule (page 4). 3. Sample Problem Set for the Module (page 5). 4. Sample Examination for the Half Semester Course (page 9). 5. In-class exercise to illustrate the concept of circularity (page 13). Supplemental material for the module includes: 1. The textbook: "Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Goods and Services: An Input-Output Approach, Resources for the Future", 2006. (We recommend the paperback edition). 2. The website with the economic input-output model: www.eiolca.net. Students should be encouraged to explore the website tutorial, found under the "about the model" tab. 3. Powerpoint slides for the five lectures included in the half semester course sequence. 4. An excel spreadsheet showing the matrix for the in-class circularity exercise (Attachment 5). Note that the same equations in the spreadsheet could be used for Problem 3 of the problem set, but the national direct requirements matrix would have to be entered. 5. The student handout for the in-class circularity exercise.
  • Chris Hendrickson
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  • December 2009