Toasters and Sustainability: Investigation of Designing for Sustainability

  • This module is designed to introduce freshman engineering students to the concept of "design for sustainability" and life cycle analysis through an introductory lecture regarding the subtopics covered by the lab and a hands-on laboratory class. A follow-up class lecture time can be used to gather data from each team so that the final report can include the data from the whole class for comparisons and discussions about the results can be encouraged. The students work in teams of 4-5 students and submit a single laboratory report per group, thus the exercise can also be used to encourage effective teaming and effective writing/communication skills.
  • Jennifer Benning
  • Cliff Davidson
  • Christopher Lupo
Learning Resource Type:
  • Reference – Article/Document
  • Engineering – Green Design and Sustainable
  • College Freshman – College Sophomore
Media Type:
  • Document
  • Hands-On
  • Design For Environment
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Publication Date:
  • December 2012