Sustainable Transportation Energy through Alternative Technology: Light-Duty Hybrid-Electric Gasoline Vehicles

  • The long-term sustainability of the transportation sector in the U.S. depends on reliable and renewable source of power for the "mobility units" that transport goods and people.  This module examines two types of technological solutions for highway vehicles: alternative fuels and hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) technology, with a focus on HEVs.  Past trends in fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions are presented in light of recent increases in the number of hybrid-electric vehicles available commercially in the U.S. The module concludes with open-ended questions on current understanding of hybrid vehicle emissions patterns, especially for unregulated pollutants like ultrafine particles.  A homework assignment challenges students to evaluate, quantify and contrast the sustainability of light-duty vehicle technologies in light of recent "global warming" legislation.a
  • Britt Holmen
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  • Vehicle Emissions
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  • May 2015