Sustainable Infrastructure

  • The 50-minute class introduces the sustainability concept into civil engineering practices. The module provides general information about the definition of sustainability. In addition, the lecture and activities will provide freshmen students with some exercises to understand what a sustainable engineering process is, it’s relevance to the civil engineering professional, and its impact to society. The intention of the teaching materials is not to train the students on how to design sustainable infrastructure, but to introduce freshmen civil engineering students to the concept of sustainability, and to the new way of thinking that civil engineers need to use to conduct design that will respond to societal, economic, and environmental challenges. Sustainable engineering design principles should be taught later in senior level courses or academic projects (part of the CE curriculum).
  • Monica Palomo
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  • Document – Educational Module
  • Engineering – Civil
  • College Freshman – College Sophomore
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  • Document
  • Sustainability
  • Infrastructure
  • Triple Bottom Line
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