Development of Simplified First Principle Models for Advanced Oxidation Processes

  • Simplified pseudo-steady state model and pseudo-steady state models are developed for ozone hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet hydrogen peroxide advanced oxidation processes (AOPs). The models consider four AOPs including: 1) ozone with hydrogen peroxide process; 2) hydrogen peroxide added after ozonation process; 3) ultraviolet with hydrogen peroxide process; 4) ozone Rc-concept model. Each model considers flow conditions in various reactors such as a) completely mixed batch reactor, b) completely mixed flow reactor, c) plug flow reactor, d) dispersed flow reactor in closed system. We provide Microsoft Excel spread sheet and MathCad files to run the simplified pseudo-steady state model and the pseudo-steady state model, respectively. Users can estimate removal efficacy of a target compound and energy efficiency per removal of order of the target compound for designing AOPs in sustainable development of water and wastewater treatment.
  • Xin Guo
  • Daisuke Minakata
  • John Crittenden
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  • Ozone
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • UV Photolysis
  • Hydroxl Radicals
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  • November 2013