e Library Guide


Peer Reviewed Educational Materials on Sustainable Engineering

This page will guide your use of the CSE Electronic Library for:

1. Accessing modules for use in class or research

2. Submitting a module to the library

3. Reviewing a module that you have been asked to peer review

Accessing Modules
Search functionality is under construction and coming soon!

Submitting Modules

Modules should include a general introduction as a background to the topic; a detailed technical discussion which constitutes the body of the module and may include figures, tables, and equations in addition to text; a complete bibliography of references cited in the module; and possibly illustrative example problems with solutions worked out. Homework problems, class project descriptions, datasets, visual aids such as PowerPoint slides, and other materials are also welcome as supporting documents but do not constitute a module by themselves. Solutions should be provided to all problems. If visual aids are included, slide notes or captions for each image should be provided. Authors may also submit an “Instructor’s Guide” containing suggestions for the way the material can be taught, special features of the module, and any information that may help an instructor make maximum use of the module in the classroom. More information on modules and how to submit them can be found in the Guidelines for Authors.

In these Guidelines, you will be directed to complete three steps:

1. Complete a Module Submission Form

2. Access the submission website http://mstracker.com and upload your module as well as information from the Module Submission Form

3. Verify receipt of your submission

You can view a Sample Module Submission Form already completed to assist with the first step. Additional details on submitting modules can be found in the Guidelines for Authors.

Reviewing Modules

You will be sent an email with a link to the module you are asked to review. Please follow that link and complete your review on the website within the given time period. We greatly appreciate your willingness to perform a review!