The CSE workshops have been designed to assist faculty members who wish to include lecture material and assignments on sustainability in engineering classes they are teaching. Faculty in all disciplines of engineering should find these workshops valuable. Two workshops were held at Carnegie Mellon University in July 2006 and again in July 2009, and at the University of Texas at Austin in July 2007. There was a planning workshop in January 2008 at Arizona State University. Two workshops were also held at Syracuse University in May 2011 and again in June 2012, and a workshop was held in June 2013 at Georgia Institute of Technology. A workshop related to educational materials in sustainable engineering was held at NSF in August 2014. Workshops were held at TERI University in Delhi, India Institute of Technology at Gandhinagar, India Institute of Technology Bombay, and India Institute of Science in Bangalore in 2015.

Participants for future workshops will be chosen based on a competitive application process. With the exception of those who already attended one of the previous CSE workshops, all tenure track faculty members from engineering departments at four-year colleges and universities in the U.S., are eligible to apply. Participants are expected to pay their own travel costs to the workshop and hotel accommodations and attend all the activities of the workshop for the full 2-day period. The workshop, including workshop materials and meals from breakfast on day one through lunch on day two, are free to the participant.

Previous Workshops

2006 – Carnegie Mellon
2007 – University of Texas at Austin
2009 – Carnegie Mellon
2011 – Syracuse University
2012 – Syracuse University
2013 – Georgia Institute of Technology
2014 – NSF Headquarters, Arlington, Virginia
2015 – TERI University, Delhi
2015 – IIT Ghandinagar
2015 – IIT Bombay
2015 – India Institute of Science, Bangalore